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Changing Birth on Earth

In Changing Birth on Earth: The Midwife and Nurses Guide to Using Physiology to Avoid Another Unnecessary Caesarean, author Gail Tully, CPM, and Creator of Spinning Babies® will give you a fresh look at the B.I.R.T.H. Process. 

"This book has it all! Birth Professionals everywhere will soon turn to this book as one of the foundational books of their personal libraries."

Early Reviews

Gail Tully’s beautiful book, Changing Birth on Earth could not have arrived at a more important time. As we struggle with a global pandemic and complex challenges to our values and uncertainty in our lives, this book helps us to remember and resonate with the power of love, empathy, human connection, healing, and the miracle of birth. Gail wants those caring for birthing parents to “dance into work.” I find Gail’s love and belief in our human capacity to give and support birth to be source of hope and strength. She invites nurses and midwives to “love your job more” and come with her to a “better birth world, “ and to ”lead from the bedside”

In this world nurses and nurse midwives have the knowledge and skills outlined in the B.I.R.T.H process. This process is grounded in the physiology of birthing with exquisite attunement and respect for the uniqueness of each birthing person and their loved ones. The results of the B.I.R.T.H process is a significant decrease in cesarean section rates – and, in adapting this approach, “you could possibly bring the cesarean rate down by half in two to three months.” This is big. And yet there is more. Why does it matter so much? In Gail’s words, it matters  “Because of the look on the mother’s face . Because the baby was born alive and alert.

When a baby is able to go directly to their parent’s arms, immediate contact imprints the memory of a loving welcome rather than the stressed sleep of separation. The point isn’t happy memories, the point is beginning life with intact attachment behaviors.” Gail articulates an inspiring vision in these words: “we’re heading toward a birth that is not a fearful emergency but a future emerging.” Changing Birth on Earth provides a clear guide, loving support, and stories that illuminate the how and why for bringing physiological birthing to life in our health care organizations. I believe this book can fundamentally transform our paradigm for the birthing experience and optimize outcomes for mothers, babies, and their families. Brilliant.

Mary Koloroutis

Mary Koloroutis, 

Chief Executive Officer

Creative Health Care Management

How can we honour the intelligence of our birthing bodies to promote a smooth, safe labour and birth? What skills and techniques might help when labour is not progressing?

Gail Tully shares her vast knowledge and ground-breaking Spinning Babies perspectives, providing simple, safe and practical techniques that all birth workers can use to facilitate a physiological labour and birth. Highly recommended.

Thanks so much for all the love and determination you have poured into this book. Your work is truly ground-breaking.

Dr. Sarah Buckley

Dr. Sarah Buckley
MB, ChB, Dip Obs. 

PhD Candidate

Author, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Birth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices

Watching Gail Tully teach or describe a birth, takes you deeply into the minute but essential actions, gently, through all of the senses, touch by touch, view by view, that shift tension from a stalled labor to a slippery, free floating baby, spinning easily to birth. She understands the profound physiological balance that allows a delicate but essential response to a maneuver that recalibrates baby’s position enabling rotation and allowing the baby’s descent. Take a deep breath and let your own tension relax and feel yourself becoming attuned to the unfolding miracle in front of you.

In Gail there is an inner wisdom, years of experience and rigorous studies of the physiology of birth, of both the birth giver and the infant. Whatever you call it, it is awe inspiring, enticing one to want to learn it and to be able to do it.

If you are a birth worker; doula, midwife, nurse or obstetrician, this book is a must read. Carefully and thoughtfully, it will take you to a place of trust in the wisdom that is inherent in birth that needs to be appreciated and recognized.

Phyliss Klaus

Phyllis Klaus, LMFT, LMSW

This book is for you if...

You are a provider looking for birth know-how in a Cesarean Era!

Is your passion for birth at odds with the high intervention rates of your patients? The cesarean rate has been high for so long that new generations of nurses and midwives struggle to gain skills for spontaneous birth.  

Providers and parents alike are horrified by the rise in complications after routine birth.  

Skills for Natural Birth is Lacking

This book shows you a simple and quick way for highly-trained professional to: 

  • Avoid cesareans for posterior presentations and fetal malpositions
  • Rediscover birth anatomy with techniques that assist labor progress
  • Identify labor dystocia before baby's heart rate shows distress
  • Choose smarter birth positions to shorten pushing and reduce tearing
  • Help your patients and colleagues and, together, stop the cesarean pandemic 

Check out the Table of Contents 
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Here's your roadmap using the Spinning Babies® approach to identify issues and choose techniques that will improve outcomes and reduce unnecessary cesareans births.

Chapter 1

Cancel the OR: The Surprising Paradox of Easing Birth

Chapter 2

Why Won't This Baby Come Out?
My Story

Chapter 3

We Can See The Baby's Head!  
A New Perspective on Birth

Chapter 4

B is for Balance First

Chapter 5

I is for Identify Issues

Chapter 6

R is for Repositioning Our Birth Positions

Chapter 7

T is for Teaching - In the Birthing Room

Chapter 8

H is for Healing the Art of Birth

Chapter 9

The Process

Chapter 10

Whose Labor Stall is it Anyway?

Chapter 11

Changing Birth on a Changing Earth

Get instant access to Changing Birth on Earth  today!

In Changing Birth on Earth: The Midwife and Nurses Guide to Using Physiology to Avoid Another Unnecessary Caesarean, author Gail Tully, CPM, and Creator of Spinning Babies® 

 will give you a fresh look at the B.I.R.T.H. Process. 

Changing Birth on Earth by Gail Tully

Who's Cutting Cesarean Rates?

Anyone with the Passion to Do It!

  • Labor & Delivery Nurses, Midwives, Obstetricians and Doulas, too!
  • Co-workers and colleagues who enjoy supporting each other in increasing the rate of physiological birth
  • You, too with activities from each of the B.I.R.T.H. Process chapters in this book 

Early Reviews

Gail Tully, founder of Spinning Babies, has a bold vision for physiological birth in a time of increasing medicalization worldwide.

In this book, "Changing Birth on Earth: The Midwife and Nurse’s Guide to Using Physiology to Avoid Another Unnecessary Cesarean," Tully shares with us the Spinning Babies® paradigm of "physiology first" and their goal that ’30 percent of birth care providers will

begin intervention with a physiological technique first’.

The book is written specifically for birth practitioners. In it we are taken inside Tully’s personal story and the development of the Spinning Babies® philosophy and practices.

Then through the middle key chapters we are introduced to the Spinning Babies® B.I.R.T.H. Process, including the powerful techniques and practices, already familiar to many, that can readily be used in the birth space to support birth physiology.

It is, in the main, a practical text, however it is also a passionate call to action – a call for birth practitioners to be bold in service of physiological birth; a call to be bold in service of supporting ‘the hormonal fulfillment of birth’ in order ‘to protect the developmental phase of parenting being developed by those hormones’, and finally the book is a call to be bold in service of a vision of ‘Changing Birth on Earth’ Tully’s passion captures the reader – it’s simply an inspiration.

Rhea Dempsey, Author

Rhea Dempsey

Author of - Birth with Confidence: savvy choices for normal birth

Beyond the Birth Plan: getting real about pain and power

Changing Birth on Earth by Gail Tully

Is your passion for birth at odds with the high intervention rates of your patients?  

In Changing Birth on Earth: The Midwife and Nurses Guide to Using Physiology to Avoid Another Unnecessary Caesarean, author Gail Tully, CPM, and Creator of Spinning Babies® will give you a fresh look at the B.I.R.T.H. Process. 

Whether you are a Nurse, Midwife, Doula or Doctor...

Your book will appeal to all areas of childbirth. Whether you are a nurse, midwife, doula or doctor, there is something for each of us in this book that will make us a better, more open provider. Our patients/clients/birth givers... they deserve all we must give, and Spinning Babies® is a really big gift.

Lorri Elliott RNC-OB, BSN, C-EFM

University of Washington Medical Center

I'm excited for all nurses to learn...

I use Spinning Babies® every day at work and have the most amazing birth stories and I can't be more grateful to you.

After reading your new book, I am excited for all nurses to learn how these Spinning Babies® techniques really work in providing a wonderful birth experience.  Thank you!

Susan Baker, RN
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Boston, MA

This book is full of practical protocols to common issues in the labor room...

I’m thrilled there is a new book from Gail Tully to absorb. I’m a big fan of the Spinning Babies® paradigm.

I use this knowledge daily in my work as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. I always hunger for more embodied learning, more explanations, more tips to inform my practice.

This book is full of practical protocols to common issues in the labor room. Which I will study deeply.

However, this book is also full of much more than this, there is much focus on embodied consent and pacing yourself to connect with the birth giver to enhance the neural hormonal systems in the mother. This is a under addressed issue in the labor room.

Much to learn here for any labor & delivery nurse.

Lisa Cryderman, RN

Edmonton, AB

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Changing Birth on Earth  today!

In Changing Birth on Earth: The Midwife and Nurses Guide to Using Physiology to Avoid Another Unnecessary Caesarean, author Gail Tully, CPM, and Creator of Spinning Babies® 

will give you a fresh look at the B.I.R.T.H. Process. 

This long awaited book is a revelation! Gail invites the provider to take a walk with her, to look at birth with fresh eyes and see new opportunities to maintain and reclaim physiology in any birth setting.

Jennifer Walker

Experienced Doula and co-Founder of BiA Doula Training / Director of Parent Education at Spinning Babies.

Changing Birth on Earth by Gail Tully

Don't let another birth end in unnecessary cesarean before you purchase this book!

You will notice I have many names for the birthing person and in a couple cases where I am deep into talking with the Nurse who uses that word, I reflect her language by using that word too, for connection with my reader. I've also been told that not all people giving birth are mothers. That's also a changing tolerance in our language. I use the word mother throughout the book but not only.

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